RFP for Solar PV Round I

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Addendum No. 6 – 02.24.11

Addendum No. 5 – 02.01.11

Addendum No. 4 to RFP – Added 12.20.10

Addendum No. 3 to RFP – Added 11/23/10

Responses to Inquiries – Added 11/18/10

Addendum No. 2 to RFP – Added 11/17/10

Addendum No. 1 to RFP – Added 11/3/10

New Delineation Maps – Added 12.20.10 and 12.21.10 and 12.23.10


Sandy Meadows Note: approximate area proposed for landscaping or berm denoted by cross-hatching

Cell Tower


Katama Farm (Use the 6.00 acre parcel) REVISED MAP!!!! 12.23.10

Nunnepog (Orange cross-hatched sections are not open for development)


Final Edgartown maps with landscaping or berm noted by cross-hatching. (Landscaping is preferred to berms)



RFP for CVEC Solar Project


Topographical/As-built Map for Barnstable Once on site, look in left-side tabs for “Bid and RFP system”. Click on tab and then open “RFP: NOTICE – info only – Town of Barnstable GIS info for CVEC solar RFP SEE BELOW”

JPG of topographical/As-built map for Barnstable

Barnstable Landfill As-Built

Barnstable Cap Drawing

Barnstable Gas Vent Details

Barnstable Gas Probes

Barnstable Landfill Ground Water Wells

Location of The new Solid Waste Building.  The site of the new building is noted on the north east side of the property and is marked as a gray crosshatched square on the map:”JPG of topographical/As-built map for Barnstable”.


Higher Res Topographical map of Eastham Landfill Site Posted 11.16.10

Delineation map for Cell Tower Site

USGS Topographical Map for Cell Tower Site

Delineation map for Roach Property

USGS Topographical  Map for Roach Property/Sandy Meadow Site

Potential Endangered Species map for Roach Property Note: The plan was produced before the property was subdivided for the housing development observed from the top of the sand pile.




Map for Harwich

As-built Map for Harwich (modified on 10.3.10 to higher res)


Delineation map for Tisbury capped landfills

Topographical map for Tisbury capped landfills

Map of New Road at Tisbury capped landfills

Road Drawing 1

Road Drawing 2

Road Drawing 3

Road Drawing 4

Road Drawing 5


Delineation map for Katama Farm Site 1 Note: the adjustment to reserve land for the farm fair is indicated.

Topographical map for Katama Farm Site 1

Delineation map for Nunnepog Refer to Lot 1. Note: the entire delineated area is available for PV installation.

Topographical map for Nunnepog

Delineation map for Pennywise Refer to 26.9 acre parcel

Topographical map for Pennywise

Delineation map for Bold Meadow

Topographical map for Bold Meadow

Pre-Bid Conference Attendees

Contacts for Site Specific Information

Sample  DEP Post Closure Use Permit

Prevailing Wage Rates

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