DY High School Emergency Shelter Battery Project

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The regional team consisting of the Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC), the Dennis Yarmouth Regional School District (DYRSD), and the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee (BCREPC) is one of 13 awardees to benefit from the $18.4 million awarded to Massachusetts municipalities and Regional Planning Agencies by the Massachusetts Department of Energy on December 29, 2014. The grant to the CVEC team in the amount of $1,479,193 is for the addition of a battery back-up and energy management equipment to complement the solar arrays CVEC installed at the Dennis Yarmouth High School in 2014.

The DOER grants were awarded under the DOER’s Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative as part of the Patrick Administration’s Climate Preparedness Initiative. Under the Resiliency Initiative, facilities were identified where the loss of electrical service would result in the disruption of a critical public safety or life sustaining function, including emergency shelters, food and fuel supply, and communications infrastructure. The grants will fund the installation of clean energy technologies to keep these emergency facilities’ energy systems operable during critical events, like storms and black-outs.

The Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School was selected due to its designation as a Regional Shelter by the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee (BCREPC). It is one of six regional shelters open to all residents and visitors to Barnstable County during an emergency. It also serves as a food preparation and distribution center for the remaining shelters due to its size and capacity. The grant will allow the design and implementation of an innovative battery system to work in conjunction with the CVEC solar arrays installed on the shelter in 2014. With the addition of the battery technology, the solar system will continue to provide power for critical load during extreme storm events and black-outs.

“We are truly excited by the award of the grant to the CVEC team”, commented DY Regional School District Superintendent Carol Woodbury. “By adding cutting edge battery technology to our solar installation, we are not only providing energy resiliency for the shelter during storm events, but we are also offering exciting hands-on educational experience for DY students”.

About The Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative

The Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CVEC) is an electric cooperative comprised of 18 towns on the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard plus Barnstable County, Duke’s County and the Cape Light Compact. CVEC was formed out of a strategic planning process commissioned and undertaken by the Cape Light Compact (CLC) in 2007.   CVEC’s objectives include developing and/or owning renewable electric generation facilities and procuring or selling long-term electric supply or other energy-related goods and services at competitive prices to member communities and consumers within member communities. (www.cvecinc.org)

In 2019 CVEC completed the an evaluation of the proposed project as engineered by the firm, Ameresco. To access the Feasibility Study/Financial Analysis and the study’s Supplements, please click here.

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