MMA Trade Show Attendees! Welcome to CVEC – Together with our municipal partners both on and off the Cape & Islands, an additional 27 megawatts (MW) is being added to CVEC’s existing 32 MW (most will include battery storage). Please join us as we make municipalities a part of the renewables future.

Click here to view a Powerpoint presentation prepared for our Mass Municipal Association audience. For PDF version, click here.

CVEC’s 13 years of experience has led to savings of over $17M! All Massachusetts municipalities and districts are invited to join the CVEC governmental electric cooperative as together we create a healthy and viable future through renewable energy development!

To see 12/5/20 News Article on CVEC Progress under Liz Argo as Executive Director, click here.                                

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Report on Energy Committee of the Cape & Islands and Energy/Climate Groups meeting on
December 10, 2020
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Read the 1.11.20 Cape Cod Times article on CVEC’s tremendous accomplishments for the Cape & Islands!

The Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) was created in 2007 to provide municipalities  a way to work together to integrate clean, renewable energy as part of a more sustainable region. Today, CVEC’s 32 governmental participants benefit both from annual savings of over $3,000,000 annually and from commensurate greenhouse gas reduction. With the completion of CVEC’s Photovoltaic/Storage Initiative Round 4 & 5, due for completion in 2021, CVEC will have facilitated the installation of 53 renewable energy projects, able to produce 17 million kilowatt hours of  renewable energy annually.

Liz Argo, CVEC Executive Director, interviewed about CVEC in 2019/2020. Click to see Video.

The Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative works in concert with the ongoing mission of the Cape Light Compact to advance the interests of electricity consumers throughout Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. To learn more about the mission of CVEC in conjunction with the Cape Light Compact,  click here.

CVEC has completed a Feasibility Study for the Battery Energy Storage System at Dennis-Yarmouth High School to be installed through a Community Clean Energy Resilience Initiative grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. To access the study and the interactive Revenue Table, click here.

To see Ongoing Production Data from CVEC’s 32 PV (~32MW) installations, click here.

To see Fiscal Year 2020 Production Reports for all 32 of CVEC’s PV projects’ with each participant’s total savings, click here.

Annual Production Reports are also available in CVEC’s Annual Reports available on the About CVEC page.

To see stories on CVEC’s latest PV projects, click here.

Report on Energy Committee of the Cape & Islands and Energy/Climate Groups meeting on
December 10, 2020
Click here to view video.

CVEC has now completed negotiating its next PV/Storage Initiative, Round 5, totaling ~16 MW while Round 4 is under construction. Construction on Round 5 will begin in early 2021. Project collection for CVEC’s Round 6 is now underway with an RFP posting planned for early 2021.

CVEC’s “Big Idea” pitched at the Cape Cod Young Professionals Event, May 16, 2018. Click to download powerpoint presentation.

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Maggie Downey Accepts CVEC Award!

July 13, 2013 – Former CVEC Board Member, Maggie Downey, accepts award from Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative President, John Checklick, for her “enormous contributions in founding and growing CVEC.”

Maggie Downey and John Checklick       Award to Maggie Downey

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